Para lo que me queda en el convento

by Angel Quel

Spain, June 2022


Director: Angel Quel

Producer: Sara Russo

Assistant Director: J Frisch-Wang

2nd Assistant Director: Carlota Fontes

Director of Photography: Clint Frift

Art Director: Zoe Valentini

Editor: Sergio Jacinto

Stylist: Mikel Cabanes

PA & Local Coordinator: Carlos Pastor

Art Assistant: Isabel Clerigues

Assistant Camera: Claudia Garcia de Mateos

Gaffers: Alvaro Gomez & Pablo Canyellas

Makeup Artist: Carla Gabaldon

Script Supervisor: Carlos Martinez

Sound: Sergio Jacinto \ Carlos Garcia Garcia \ Elena Roig

Colorist: Alba Ramirez

VFX: Pedro Vidal

Poster: Juanjo Gasull

Drawings: Belén Bru

Behind the Scene Photographer: Yuiko Osada


Mercedes García

Cay Martin Franco

Irina Gimeno Gabarda

Guillermo Gonzales

Andres Llamas

Belén Bru

Angel Quel


Lucita is a 55-year-old woman who lives alone in an apartment in the neighborhood of Patraix, Valencia. She says that, one night, after cooking dinner, she looked out onto the street and saw the Santa Compaña in procession. Now that it is a year since her sighting, she is preparing to die so she can visit her son Vicente in hell.