Du Bist So Wunderbar

by Leandro Goddinho & Paulo Menezes

Berlin, 2022

On the day thousands of people are protesting against unaffordable rents in Berlin, a Brazilian who was just kicked out of his place struggles to find a new room while his personal life falls apart.



Directors & Writers: Leandro Goddinho, Paulo Menezes

Assistant Director: J Frisch Wang

Line Producer/Production Manager: Sara Russo

Director of Photography: Álfgerður Malmquist

Gaffer: Magnús Þorri Jökulsson

Sound Recordist: Helen Clocherty & Sara Russo &

Paulo Menezes

Art Director: Zoe Valentini

Editor: Carolina Cardoso

Post Production Sound: Hikosound

Sound Designer: Nico Fanari

Production Company: Cinema Posgenero


Edu: Murilo Basso

Valerie: Greta Amend

Person 1: Angel Quel

Person 2: Magnús Þorri Jökulsson

Person 3: Zoe Valentini

Person 4: Filipe Matzembacher

Friend on the phone: Paulo Menezes

Jenny: Cleo Spiro

Sverre: Blake Kendall

Mia: Dilan GeZaza

Flavio: Marcio Reolon

Drug Dealer: Leandro Goddinho

Cruising guys: Paulo Menezes, Marcio Reolon, Filipe Matzembacher, Damien Michaudet

Youtuber: Daniel-Ryan Spaulding


Damien Michaudet

Daniel-Ryan Spaulding

TRT World Now (the video of the protest)

Catalyst - Institut for Creative Arts & Technology