Sara Russo

Born in Florence, I studied film history in Bologna, then moved to Berlin and attended Catalyst film school. My passion for cinema brought me to work in every department, even acting, before specialising in production. In the past five years, I produced a wide variety of projects, including festival winning short films, music videos, tv documentaries and theatre show. I created a solid network of professionals on which I can rely to bring any creative idea to life.

We have invited Sara for production assistance work with Babylon ORCHESTRA during the music theatre development of “UNSERE FREMDEN” – a musical theatre which included production planning, logistics, director assistance, set building assistance and various other organisational tasks with a big team of about 30 people, musicians, singers, actors, videographers, light and sound technicians. The production took place between beginning of June and mid July in Berlin, mostly at ufa FABRIK Tempelhof with regular meetings and daily rehearsals in the last two weeks of production Being a complex production which included various people and artists from different countries and cultures (German, Syrian, Iranian, Turkish, Israeli, Morrocan etc.) it has been a challenging experience which Sara mastered gracefully and with charm while achieving the needed goals also under pressure. Working with Sara was a pleasure and she appeared reliable and managed a lot of tasks calmly even in times of tension and time pressure. Spreading a positive vibe and treating everyone involved respectfully but decisively contributed to a great work climate on set and on stage.

Mischa Tangian / Founder and Artistic director of Babylon Orchestra

I have worked on multiple narrative short films with Sara, each one was shot in a different country. This challenge was no problem as all the productions were great to work on, they were all efficient, on time and well organized. She cares highly for the script, story, cast and crew. As a DOP I felt my camera and lighting needs were cared for and thought about. I really look forward to working with Sara again in the future.

Clint Frift / DOP / England

I have worked several times with Sara and if I could do it every time, I would. She is a very dedicated producer and she cares about the project, its outcome and the well-being of the crew. I know for a fact that she’ll work her ass off to get the best results and get the best out of the people involved.

Angel Quel / Director / Spain

I worked with Sara on the production of Guts, which we shot in Iceland. It was a demanding production, took place in the middle of a pandemic, 8 hour drive from the national airport, during the peak of an Icelandic winter. Sara was on top of everything and I could really depend on her throughout the whole production process, all from calmly overcoming all obstacles that we encountered, to transferring crew and equipment between countries. She provided confident decision making, positive attitude, enthusiasm, and respect for everyone involved. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Sara and believe she’ll make valuable contributions to any project she takes part in.

Álfgerður Malmquist / Director and DOP / Iceland